July 22, 2024

Introduction of Several Process Routes of Tellurium Dioxide

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Tellurium dioxide (TeO2) crystal is an excellent acousto-optic crystal material with excellent acousto-optic properties, high natural abundance, and double-beta decay properties. Tellurium dioxide crystals have been widely used in various acousto-optic devices, such as acousto-optic deflectors, acousto-optic modulators, and acousto-optic tunable harmonics. The acousto-optic device made of tellurium oxide can improve the resolution by an order of magnitude under the same clear aperture and has the advantages of fast response speed, low driving power, high diffraction efficiency, stable and reliable performance, etc. Therefore, TeO2 crystal is an acousto-optic device material with broad application prospects, especially acousto-optic modulators, and acousto-optic harmonics, and its applications in optical computing, optical communication, and optical microscopic imaging are developing rapidly.

The following are several process routes:

1. Extract tellurium from tellurium copper slag and hydrolyze it to obtain:

A) adding mixed acid to react after slurring tellurium-copper slag to obtain preaching slurry;
B) adjusting the pH to 2-4 after reacting the preached slurry with an oxidizing agent to obtain high-copper liquid and tellurium-rich slag;
C) reacting the tellurium-rich slag with a transforming agent and a dopant remover after slurrying to obtain a transforming slurry; reacting the transforming slurry with an alkali to obtain tellurium-separated tailings and a tellurium leaching solution;
D) hydrolyzing the tellurium leaching solution to obtain tellurium dioxide.
For the first time, this technology proposes to remove copper by pre-leaching in a weak acid environment, and then oxidize and self-precipitate tellurium to effectively separate tellurium and copper, and then add a transformation agent and a de-doping agent before alkali leaching to remove impurities and transform high-valent tellurium. This process step in Multiple functions is realized under brief conditions, easy to control, high leaching rate, good impurity removal effect, and high recovery rate of copper and tellurium.

2. The production process of extracting tellurium powder from low-grade tellurium dioxide:

A. Alkali leaching of raw material tellurium dioxide.
B. Filter and add acid to the filtrate for neutralization, making the filtrate weakly acidic.
C. Filtration again, acid leaching and pulping the filter residue obtained in step B.
D. Pressurize, stir, and heat the liquid obtained in step C, and simultaneously pass through a reducing agent to react; after the reaction, filter and wash the filter residue with water until neutral.
The process is simple, the production cost is low, the production efficiency is high, and it is suitable for industrialized production. Using sulfur dioxide as a reducing agent, the effect of reducing tellurium powder is better. This process uses low-grade coarse tellurium dioxide as a raw material to reduce tellurium powder, the secondary use of secondary products. The process is short, and the extraction rate of tellurium is high, which can better realize the recovery of tellurium raw materials at a low cost.

3. Preparing high-purity tellurium dioxide

Preparing high-purity tellurium dioxide using crude tellurium as a raw material effectively solves the problem of preparing high-purity tellurium dioxide in the prior art by controlling the reaction temperature, particle size of tellurium powder, and nitric acid concentration. In the process of tellurium oxide, the problem of high-purity tellurium dioxide preparation failure or low purity was encountered due to reaction passivation, excessive reaction rate, and other reasons, and high-purity tellurium dioxide products were prepared.

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