June 13, 2024

nano-silica Green and environmentally friendly flame-retardant inorganic new materials

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Fumed silica is prepared by hydrolysis of chlorosilane at high temperature. It has the characteristics of porosity, no pollution, high temperature resistance, etc. It has small particle size, large specific surface area, good dispersion performance in many resins, and is suitable for many polymers. materials can improve their heat resistance. Because of its good comprehensive performance in processing performance and flame retardancy, it has a wide range of functions in rubber, coatings, adhesives, plastics and other fields.

Some experts have shown that in the auxiliary flame retardant effect of fumed silica on epoxy resin, fumed silica can promote the flame retardant effect to a certain extent in phosphorus-based epoxy composite materials. High, under the condition of not affecting the combustion effect, adding fumed silica can also reduce the cost. When the total amount of aluminum methylcyclohexylphosphinate and fumed silica is 18%, and the silica content is 3%, the epoxy composite material has good flame retardancy, and the oxygen index of the composite material reaches 28.3% and Burn V-0 grades through this vertical.

Some experts have also shown that: in the role of nano silica-modified flame-retardant polyurethane foam, fumed silica is introduced into the polyurethane foam for composite modification, which can make the polyurethane composite material retain the closed-cell structure, and the oxygen index can be greatly increased to 29.7%. , vertical combustion V-0 level. The main reason for the analysis is that silica is a kind of flame-retardant material that promotes carbon, which can endow organic materials with a flame-retardant barrier, and can provide abundant reaction sites for the combustion and carbonization process at the microscopic scale, and the carbonization will be faster. In addition, the carbon dioxide The low thermal conductivity of silicon can maintain the excellent thermal insulation performance of the insulation material and avoid the formation of thermal bridge effects.

There are many studies on flame retardancy similar to the above. As an inorganic, pollution-free, green and environmentally friendly flame-retardant material, fumed silica is of great significance for the development and research of green flame-retardants.

nano-silica Green and environmentally friendly flame-retardant inorganic new materials

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