The installation procedure of diamond and CBN grinding wheel

First fix grinding wheel to the flange temporarily, and then installed on the grinding wheel shaft.

Measure the vibration of the grinding wheel surface by a dial indicator.

Hit the vibration point of grinding wheel lightly by the wooden hammer, and adjust the vibration value within 0.02mm.

Tighten the flange, and measure the vibration of grinding wheel surface again by the dial indicator.

According to the vibration level of grinding wheel surface and the requirements of rough and finish grinding, do truing or smooth surface grinding.

how to use diamond cbn grinding wheel correctly

Vibration Treatment
0.015-0.025mm Truing,Smooth surface grinding
Less than 0.015mm Smooth surface grinding,Rough grinding

Notes: Do finish grinding after smooth surface grinding.

Truing and dressing the CBN and diamond grinding wheel

Installation Truing Dressing
Please install the grinding wheel correctly. If there is vibration, it will affect the service life of the grinding wheel and workpiece surface. Eliminate the surface vibration of the grinding wheel and true the shape of the wheel surface. The abrasive is protruded from the bond and produces air holes for more effective processing.

How To Use Diamond And CBN Grinding Wheels Correctly 1

Different bond and dressing methods of grinding wheel cause different grinding wheel surface conditions.

Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel with porous that is a bridge structure around the abrasive, in addition, the physical properties of the bond with brittle and hard, so the dressing effect is particularly obvious. Only by the grinding wheel truing, the required abrasive outburst can be obtained.

The dynamic balance eye is used to adjust the overall balance between the grinding machine and grinding wheel. It is high accuracy and easy operation.

diamond and CBN grinding wheel RPM

Please see the grinding wheel RPM     Unit: m/min

Diamond Grinding Wheel CBN Grinding Wheel
Wet Dry Wet Dry
Resin 1300-1800 800-1200 1600-2400 1000-1400
Metal 1000-1500 600-1000 1600-2400 1000-1200
Vitrified 1300-1800 800-1200 1600-2400 1000-1400
Electroplated 1300-2400 800-1400 1600-2400 1000-1400

Diamond grinding wheel RPM is too high to be affected by grinding heat and accelerate grinding wheel loss.

The higher the RPM of CBN grinding wheel, the better the grinding performance, but it is easy to be affected by wheel balance, equipment rigidity and vibration.

Dry grinding is easy to be affected by grinding heat. Compared with wet grinding, the wheel RPM should be controlled at a lower level.

cbn grinding wheel


Diamond and CBN grinding wheel is a high-speed grinding tool, in order to ensure safe production, it is necessary to standardize the following operation.

Before operation diamond and CBN grinding wheel

Install the protective cover of the grinding wheel, and confirm if the cover is loose or not.

Do not put the objects around the grinding machine.

Do not use the grinding wheel which is chipping or cracked.

Check the state of the grinding fluid regularly and confirm the usage amount.

Starting time

Confirm the state of the switch and operation handle.

Use grinding wheel correctly according to the specified RPM.

Confirm whether there is abnormal sound, vibration, and pay attention to the changes of current value.

Confirm there is sufficient grinding fluid for the grinding point.

diamond grinding wheel


It is dangerous to modify the shape of the grinding wheel and dress wheel. So, do not modify it.

When the grinding wheel stops running, stop supply grinding fluid and wheel idles to remove the grinding fluid attached to the wheel, in order to avoid the unbalance of grinding wheel.

Use related filtration equipment to remove debris.