April 15, 2024

Tutorial on Using Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen Module

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  Step 1: Project Plan

  In this tutorial, we use only simple Arduino TFT LCD hardware without a breadboard and any other components. No wiring is required. As follows.

  1. 3.5-inch Arduino UNO TFT LCD touch screen module

  2. USB cable type A male to B male

  Our test code uses the Arduino IDE for Arduino 1.6.12 windows. if you are using an older version, please install Arduino UNO on your PC.

  The IDE for the Arduino IDE may have compilation errors, so please use a newer version.

  Download the library and paste it into the Arduino libraries folder (usually located in C: Users User Documents Arduino libraries).

  Step 2: Pin Connections

  Connect your Arduino 3.5-inch UNO TFT LCD touchscreen module in the following way. Make sure all pins fit into their ports.

  Step 3: Insert the code



  Download the test code and open it up using the Arduino software or IDE.

  Make sure the correct board and corresponding ports have been selected. (In this tutorial, the Arduino UNO is used)

  Then, upload the test code to the Arduino UNO.

  Step 4: Results

  Once fully uploaded, you can start drawing on the Arduino TFT LCD screen in the color of your choice.

  To clear the screen content, select the ” Ers” box to clear the screen.

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Tutorial on Using Arduino TFT LCD Touch Screen Module

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