July 22, 2024

A Deep Dive into the Features and Capabilities of Intel’s E3900 Series SoC Processor

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The world of microprocessors has witnessed revolutionary advances over the past few decades, with each new generation bringing forth remarkable improvements in speed, efficiency, and versatility. Intel, a frontrunner in this domain, introduced the E3900 Series SoC (System on Chip) Processor, touted for its powerful features tailored for a range of applications, from industrial to automotive sectors.

One of the popular applications that leverage the prowess of the E3900 is the COM Express 10 platform, a testament to the processor’s adaptability and power. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration of the features and capabilities of this Intel gem.

1. Advanced Graphics Engine

Intel’s E3900 boasts a powerful graphics engine capable of supporting up to three independent displays. This is particularly beneficial in multimedia-rich applications or situations that require multiple screen outputs simultaneously. When integrated with platforms like COM Express 10, it ensures high-definition visuals and smooth graphics rendering.

2. Robust Security Features

In an era where cybersecurity is paramount, the E3900 comes equipped with Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology. This provides hardware-level security, ensuring data integrity and reducing the potential for malicious software breaches. Such robust security is crucial for web-based applications, where secure data processing and transmission are essential.

3. Scalability and Performance

The E3900 Series SoC Processor offers varying performance levels, ensuring scalability based on the application’s needs. Ranging from dual-core to quad-core configurations, it can cater to both power-efficient tasks and those that demand high performance. This flexibility makes it a go-to choice for diverse applications, including those built on the COM Express 10 standard.

4. Integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP)

With an in-built ISP, the E3900 is tailored for applications that require high-quality image and video processing. Whether for surveillance cameras, advanced driver-assistance systems, or multimedia playback, the processor ensures crisp, clear visuals with reduced noise.

5. Energy Efficiency

Power consumption concerns are pivotal, especially in embedded applications. Intel’s E3900 Series prioritizes energy efficiency without compromising on performance. When integrated into different platforms, it ensures optimal power usage, extending the life of battery-powered devices and reducing energy costs in plugged-in scenarios.

6. Enhanced Connectivity

In today’s interconnected world, seamless connectivity is a must. The E3900 provides support for a multitude of interfaces, including PCIe, SATA, and Gigabit Ethernet. Such versatility in connectivity ensures that applications, especially those running on COM Express 10, can easily communicate with other devices and networks.

7. Real-time Computing

Catering to real-time computing needs, the E3900 Series offers determinism and precision. For applications where time is of the essence, like in industrial automation or automotive safety systems, this processor ensures tasks are executed promptly and consistently.


Intel’s E3900 Series SoC Processor is not just another chip in the vast sea of microprocessors. It’s a testament to Intel’s commitment to innovation, versatility, and excellence. Whether it’s being utilized in multimedia devices, industrial machines, or integrated on other platforms, its features ensure it’s well-equipped to handle the tasks of today and the challenges of tomorrow. As the world continues to demand more from its digital devices, processors like the E3900 stand ready to deliver.

A Deep Dive into the Features and Capabilities of Intel’s E3900 Series SoC Processor

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